More insanity from the anti-gun crowd


This is the specific sort of legislation that I consider insanity.  It solves nothing, but restricts thousands– if not millions– of law-abiding gun owners, hunters, enthusiasts who are not the problem nor ever will be.  Did banning switchblade knives stop gangs?  Why not ban leather jackets or hoodie sweatshirts– same ILlogic.  Does the anti-gun crowd really believe that the bad guys will not be able to get one of these guns if the wanted to?  Only if they’re morons.  To their credit, I will allow that they might think they are making California safer, but the last I checked, gangs, shooting people, shooting cars, and killing people were all against the law– does that stop the gangs?  Does that end crime?  Make us safe?

Misuse of guns, regardless of caliber, type, whether they’re evil-looking, flat black, rifles with pistol grips, with large- or small-capacity magazines, detachable or not, or oiled walnut stocks, long or short, large or small, IS ALREADY AGAINST ALL LAWS!  Instead, these fools disarm law-abiding people and delude themselves into believing that we’re somehow safer as a result.  Let’s see:  Law-abiding people disarmed, criminals armed as always = safety????  This ILlogic boggles my mind.  It begs for a law that says “let’s all play nice”, that is believed to solve all crime problems.  It just doesn’t work that way, folks.  Instead of disarming law-abiding citizens (the ONLY ones affected by such legislation), we should enforce our existing laws and lock up criminals that rob and shoot people, pets, or property.

Read on: An Open Letter From Ron Barrett – Barrett Firearms Manufacturing | Survival Blogs.


About Auntie BS

I am a proponent of ending prohibition and control of inanimate objects. History has shown that this is ineffective and a HUGE waste of resources. Judge people on what they DO, not what they own, ingest, talk about, or think. I abhor dishonesty and corruption and this will dominate my blogs.
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