Moms for Marijuana International

Moms for Marijuana International.

Dear Prohibitionists Nationwide,

We the Marijuana Advocates forgive you. We do not blame you for your viewpoints. Because they are not your fault.

You, sadly, are the victims of 75 years of propaganda from people who presented themselves as authoritarians over your education. You have been lied to by people you trusted.

Likely, you have been told since early childhood about the “perils” and “risks” involved with marijuana. You were told using marijuana would make you stupid, lazy, unmotivated, and it would kill your brain cells. You were probably told it would cause lung cancer and would make you an addict who would then seek out cocaine or heroin. You might have been shown a picture of an egg in a frying pan.

That must have scared you to death. We’re sorry the establishment used fear to brainwash you. Now, that is not to say you are foolish. You aren’t. When you consider the authority figures from whom you learned this untrue information, you took it as gospel. What you didn’t realize is that those authority figures probably didn’t have the correct information themselves.

The blasphemy and theft of marijuana truth is generations old, passed down from parent to child, teacher to student. Most of us advocates were likely subjected to it, too.

You see, the practice of demonizing marijuana is more than seven decades old! It was started on at least two premises: keeping the races divided and loads of money in rich men’s pockets.

Here, in the 21st century, we now have a mountain of evidence – scientific, medical, economic, and botanical – which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that marijuana is not the evil plant the government and other prohibitionists want you to think it is.

Let us simplify one of dozens of points: the American Medical Association, the American Association of Family Physicians, and the American Cancer Society are just three of the respected and highly-educated organizations who recognize that marijuana has been unfairly demonized.

So, We the Marijuana Advocates embrace you and are ready and willing to help you pull the wool from your eyes that has been forcibly applied for your whole lives. You need only do the research or ask the questions.

There is not a marijuana advocate alive who would not be anxious to take time and teach your the truth about marijuana.

But it is up to you to consider – if only for a moment – that you have been duped up to this point. If you can accept that possibility, we would be thrilled to welcome you into the realm of the factually-enlightened.

We await you… and we apologize to you for the deception on behalf of those who have bamboozled you thus far.

Written by Deborah Morgan for Moms for Marijuana

About Auntie BS

I am a proponent of ending prohibition and control of inanimate objects. History has shown that this is ineffective and a HUGE waste of resources. Judge people on what they DO, not what they own, ingest, talk about, or think. I abhor dishonesty and corruption and this will dominate my blogs.
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