Victims of the Drug War

Victims of the Drug War.

So sad that our government believes it should dictate what we can or cannot ingest, then ruins the lives of those that choose to be independent.  The harm done to society by our drug laws is WORSE than the damage done by hard drugs!  Just incredible!

Shouldn’t people be judged on what they DO?  How they interact with society?  Robbing people to support a drug habit is already against the law, but the drug habit is a medical/psychological issue, not a criminal one.  Wake up America and join the 21st century!  STOP THE DRUG WAR!

About Auntie BS

I am a proponent of ending prohibition and control of inanimate objects. History has shown that this is ineffective and a HUGE waste of resources. Judge people on what they DO, not what they own, ingest, talk about, or think. I abhor dishonesty and corruption and this will dominate my blogs.
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