GunsDrugsAndInsanity is now AuntieBS

Guns, Drugs, and Insanity are too limiting in scope when one begins peeling the onion regarding the lies and corruption which incessantly bombard us.  I realized that I am more anti-bullshit, in general, and while the plethora of lies about guns and drugs still dominate the news, there are countless other lies of which people should become aware.

So, if you have been following my postings, please start following me at

Thank you,

Auntie Bullshit

About Auntie BS

I am a proponent of ending prohibition and control of inanimate objects. History has shown that this is ineffective and a HUGE waste of resources. Judge people on what they DO, not what they own, ingest, talk about, or think. I abhor dishonesty and corruption and this will dominate my blogs.
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